Klimarealistene – (Climate Realists) is a politically independent organization for us who believe that the climate is dominated by natural variations. We do not agree with the IPCC, when they claim that CO2 emissions change the climate dramatically. We support scientifically based public education as an essential part of democracy.

The organization was established in Oslo on May 15, 2008 after one year of preparations. Our name was suggested by Knut Orø already in 2007.

The sun controls the climate
The purpose of the Climate Realists is to influence the climate debate both nationally and internationally with reliable and realistic knowledge. The key factors are systematic changes in the sun, winds and ocean currents where changes in distances and gravitational forces of the planets and the moon are significant. CO2 is, however, a harmless and vital gas that is essential for all life on Earth.

We strive to present scientific facts telling a different story than the politically adopted message that only has support in deceptive climate models. The unilateral and massive message of a man-made climate threat presented in newspapers, radio and television is the result of deficient, untested and unvalidated models.

Our registration ID is 995 314 592.
Our address is: C/O Ellen Gunnesdal, Vollsveien 109, 1358 JAR.
Email adress:
Chairman of the board, Olav Martin Kvalheim

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board was established in June 2015, and currently consists of the following members:
Professor Ole Henrik Ellestad (leader)
Professor Olav Martin Kvalheim (deputy leader)

Cand. real. Stein Bergsmark (added Q1/2016)
Professor Ivar Giæver (added Q2/2017)
Professor emeritus Rögnvaldur Hannesson
Professor Jens Morten Hansen
Ph.D. Göran Henriksson
Professor emeritus Martin T. Hovland
Professor Ole Humlum
Dr. Ing. Hans Konrad Johnsen (added Q2/2017)
Professor Claes Johnson (added Q1/2017)
Professor Gunnar Juliusson (added Q1/2021)
Professor emeritus Johannes Krüger (added Q3/2017)
Professor Ingemar Nordin (added Q4/2020)
Dr. Antera Olilla (added Q4/2020)
Professor Egil Pedersen (added Q1/2021)

Senior scientist Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen (added 2022)
Professor emerita Elen Roaldset
Associate professor Tom Victor Segalstad
Professor Fred Sigernes
Professor emeritus Einar Sletten
Professor Jan-Erik Solheim
Professor Emeritus Peter Stilbs (added Q1/2021)
Dr. Phil. Kjell Stordahl
Professor Fritz Vahrenholt (added Q4/2020)
M.Sc. Elsa Widding (added Q4/2020)

Professor Harald Yndestad (added 2022)