Klimaerklæring fra Paris Climate Challenge

PCC in association with the Independent Committee on Geoethics www.geoethic.com and the Collectif des Climato Réalistes www.skyfall.fr

Summary Statement
Over thirty years of intense (and extremely expensive) research has totally failed to produce any evidence that human emissions of CO2 are driving climate. CO2 is not a danger to but a benefit for all life on our planet.
We call on governments, NGOs and universities to stop pursuing policy and dogma based ‘evidence’ gathering.
• That they stop scaremongering.
• That they dissolve the IPCC and the UNFCCC.
• That governments focus instead on encouraging means of ensuring that under-developed and developing nations have full access to the cheapest reliable energy (particularly electricity), regardless of whether fossil fuels are used, so as to improve their access to clean water, low pollution cooking facilities and good medical services.
• That once respected academic institutions and scientific publications put their own houses in order and once again allow the free exchange of scientific ideas and results without prejudice.
• That those involved in alleged cases of scientific fraud, which have resulted in huge financial costs, causing greater poverty and many deaths among the poorest, be brought before the relevant Court of Law.

10th Dec 2015

Further, more detailed statements, references and videos of presentations at the Conference are available on the website: www.pcc15.org

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